Power Purses

Power Purses

Remember that feeling as your last percent of phone battery drained away leaving your phone dead and you missing out on that super important message or call from a loved one or business contact - annoying wasn't it?

Now imagine your relief when you pull out your Power Purse and plug in your phone and voila…instant charge!!!

Made from Smith & Canova’s finest leathers in metallic, matte and shiny textures, the Power Purse features a discreet built in 4200mAh power pack to charge most smart phones and portable electronic devices, whilst leaving space for other essential items.

Use as a clutch bag with the removable wrist strap or stow inside a larger bag for complete versatility. The design features a main zip round opening, credit card sleeves and a zip pocket to store cash, cards, lipstick and a mobile phone.

Power Purse Features:

The High Power built in 4200mAh power pack (Input Specification: up to 5V A1, Output Specification: up to 5V A1, Battery Type: Lithium Polymer) charges the average smart phone more than twice over. Simply plug in for instant charge using the micro USB. Each purse measures 220 W x 150 H x 20 D (mm) and weighs 420g, so no more bulky AC adapters or messy cables! The rechargeable battery has a 5 hour recharge time and the smart LEDs show the charging status. All Power Purses are crafted with Smith and Canova's finest sourced genuine leathers.

Compatible with all Modern Phones:

The power purse is compatible with any device that uses a micro USB slot to charge from. Which is the EU industry standard for all mobiles phones today and from 2017 is the law. Please note, our size and models will hold the plus size phone and it will charge them, however, they cannot be charged whilst inside the purse.