Power Purses

Made from Smith & Canova’s finest leathers in metallic, matte and shiny textures, the Power Purse features a discreet built in 4200mAh power pack to charge most smart phones and portable electronic devices, whilst leaving space for other essential items.

Power Purse Features:

The High Power built in 4200mAh power pack (Input Specification: up to 5V A1, Output Specification: up to 5V A1, Battery Type: Lithium Polymer) charges the average smart phone more than twice over. Simply plug in for instant charge using the micro USB. Each purse measures 220 W x 150 H x 20 D (mm) and weighs 420g, so no more bulky AC adapters or messy cables! The rechargeable battery has a 5 hour recharge time and the smart LEDs show the charging status. All Power Purses are crafted with Smith and Canova's finest sourced genuine leathers.

Compatible with all Modern Phones:

The power purse is compatible with any device that uses a micro USB slot to charge from. Includes adapters compatible with iPhone phones supporting lightning connectors. Micro USB to USB-C adapter needs to be purchased separately. Please note, the power purse will hold a plus size iPhone, however it cannot be charged whilst inside the power purse due to size restrictions.