Product Care Guide

All natural leather products will age in time, even if it has been well looked after. This effect is called a ‘Patina’, a soft sheen that develops on the surface of the leather. It creates character and gives each product personality. Although it is often a desired look, it is still important to care for your leather product. The loss of moisture and oils over time causes the hide to dry out, increasing the likeliness of the fibres to break, causing major damage.

To keep your leather product in tip top condition, you need to regularly moisturise. We recommended a hide cream Leather Moisturiser/Conditioner.

WARNING: DO NOT use any product containing Lanolin (baby wipes) OR boot polish.

Before applying the product, test a small, unseen patch to check for discolouration. After 24 hours, if the test patch is okay, apply the product to the whole of the bag. If you are using a product that contains moisturiser or oil, then focus on the reverse areas of the leather as the finish isn’t treated so it will be more absorbent, allowing the leather to get lots of nourishment.

Try to avoid getting your product wet, but if it does, let it dry naturally. Avoid using heat, so keep away from radiators and do not use hair dryers. Simply leave it at room temperature for it to dry naturally. If you are going to continuously experience wet conditions, we recommend using a waterproof product. Apply a layer of care product on first to help lock in the moisture.

Patent Leathers

Due to the nature of the leather being a natural product, some creasing and indentations are possible, unlike synthetic fabrics.

If you have any questions regarding the care of your leather product, please email us at and we would be happy to help.